Title : 12 reasons why Canadian enterprises should export in 2018 according to CQI

Title : 12 reasons why Canadian enterprises should export in 2018 according to CQI

CQI (Carrefour Québec International) wrote an article stating 12 reasons why Canadian entrepreneurs should export in 2018.

For starters, exportations are profitable for those who actually take the risk to go overboard. Also, exporting increases efficiency because it stresses the internal organization of one’s company.

This increase of performance results into a rise of productivity, and therefore, an increase of employment. Exporting lowers risks due to the fact that it creates another source of income, hence lowing the stress on the national market.

For Canadian companies, due to the small national market (Canada’s population represents 0,5% of the world’s population), exporting is almost necessary, and entrepreneurs must think of that option quickly.

Furthermore, exporting increases competitiveness. This fast pace will make companies more flexible, and easily adaptable to new markets. Publicity is now omnipresent in social media, and facilitate e-commerce.

Also, the new Trade Agreement between Europe, and Canada has supressed 98% of customs fees, making commerce easier than ever. United-States are still Canada’s number one economic partner, and represents the biggest share of Canada’s exportations. This Trade Agreement will stimulate commerce within the Canadian provinces, and create new jobs.

Moreover, Canada offers multiple financial programs for Canadian companies that would like to export like DEC, MESI or MRC.

Dear entrepreneurs, now it’s a good time to start thinking of exporting, so take your chances!

See the complete article : https://www.cqinternational.org/2018/01/pourquoi-exporter-en-2018/

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