Success Story: How Ver-Mac has increased its total revenue in Latin American markets

Success Story: How Ver-Mac has increased its total revenue in Latin American markets

Conception How Ver-Mac increased its revenue in Latin American markets Context Ver-Mac is a worldwide leading manufacturer of electronic traffic control, lighting & security equipment, including portable and permanent variable message signs, camera trailers, sensor trailers, light towers, temporary traffic signals and more. Ver-Mac’s JamLogic software brings intelligence to work zones by providing real-time traffic management solutions.

Ver-Mac products are distributed internationally: Canada, Latin America, United States, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, Africa and Middle East.

Today, 80% of their total revenue is generated in international markets

What’s even more exciting about this story is that Ver-Mac has been one of our loyal clients for nearly 10 years.

Success Story

Design Challenge When we first discussed with Ver-Mac, about 10 years ago, they wanted to expand their distribution network worldwide, but more specifically in Latin America.

The enterprise saw great potential in this particular market and needed guidance on how to achieve this goal and build a trusted network.


Our value proposition

Following several exchanges with Ver-Mac, our team took concrete actions to develop their distribution network.

The goal was to determine the opportunities for our client and develop a strategy for market penetration. We started by gathering information on their competitors, export sales, laws/taxation, potential customers/partners and market supply.

Thereafter, we created a distribution network in over 10 Latin American markets to establish a relationship with potential customers.

We always opt for a unique and personalized approach. We want fast and tangible results for our clients! Therefore, Ver-Mac was able to develop its sales and is today thriving on these new markets.

“Since we worked with GoExport, we have a well-established distribution network in Latin America. Their support helped us to increase our total revenue in several markets internationally. There are two important projects we won with their support that we are particularly proud of: A transnational highway 'La Ruta del Sol', the largest Latin American road project for the past 10 years, as well as the ‘Túnel de la Línea', the longest Latin American tunnel. Ver-Mac equipment was used in the construction of these two projects.”

- Kimberly Jack, Inside Sales


Total sales in Latin America generated revenues of over US$ 5 million. QUALITATIVE RESULTS: Ver-Mac has become a point of reference, especially in Colombia. The company is also specified in call for tenders of the various government authorities, whether public roads, Ministry of Transport, Police or Security. Their markets in South America ranked by order of importance in terms of sales are Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras and more.

Fun Fact

Ver-Mac and GoExport conducted several trade missions together but the first remains the funniest.

We went in Colombia for a trade mission to respond to a call for tender of the Colombian police (which we won). Ver-Mac and GoExport had entrusted logistics to our distributor, i.e., hotel booking and travel.

When we landed in Colombia around midnight, the distributor welcomed us by offering drinks (which turned into several drinks). After a great night, we had to get some rest... Ver-Mac’s owners went to their hotel, but unfortunately the booking hadn’t been confirmed. They therefore had to sleep in the distributor's house… alongside his family.

It can be said that they found a unique and fun way to break the ice and establish a strong relationship with their distributors.


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