: A portrait of French based exporting companies

: A portrait of French based exporting companies

What does an exporting company look like?


The company must be highly-experienced! According to Ellisphère, the enterprise observatory, a study counting over 116 700 exporting companies has concluded that a third of these companies have less than 10 years of existence (36.5%). In France, companies with more than 20 years of existence generate around 63% of total revenues from exporting goods.


An exporting company is neither big nor small! According to the same source, it is medium sized enterprises (MSEs) that export the most, with an estimate share of 29.7% of total revenues realized by French companies and 41.2% of French exports.


The transport sector occupies the highest rank!

The richest sector in France that brings the most added value to exports is the aeronautic sector with 50.7 billion EUR (in 2014), approximately 11.9% of total exports, followed by the pharmaceutical sector (6.3%), the motor vehicle sector (5.3%) and the motor vehicle accessories sector (3%). France also ranks 5th on the global recreational craft market and 1st in the sails boat market.


Exports are destined to the European market: in 2014, two thirds of French exports go to Europe whereas Asia barely receives 13%, America 10%, Africa 6% and the middle-east 3%. The EU welcomes around 60% of French exports with Germany being the 1st export market.


They are often of Foreign nationalities : A study conducted by French customs revealed that French subsidiaries of foreign multinationals represent around 40% of our exports. However, these companies import more than they export. In 2014, these companies suffered from a trade deficit of 80 billion Euros.



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