Valians-International and GoExport join forces!

Valians-International and GoExport join forces!

Having always been a leader in customer relationship, GoExport is constantly seeking new opportunities for its clients. With that in mind, GoExport has signed a partnership agreement with “Valians-International” that will open new doors for its customers and give them access to the booming market of Eastern Europe.  Thanks to GoExport and Valians-International’s common values, shared vision, methodologies and expertise, the two companies have decided to join forces.  Valians-International is a specialist in Eastern Europe.

Valians-International’s headquarters are located at the heart of Eastern-Europe in Krakow-Poland. However, its offices and operations are spread across the region in at least 20 countries between Eastern Europe and the Baltic states (Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia etc.)  Its team consists of approximately 30 project managers and at least fifteen multilingual sales representatives with a deep knowledge of their market, as well as in-house accountants, tax specialists and lawyers.

Valians-International offers its support to companies through a large number of services: market validation, establishment of channels of distribution, search for partners, development of businesses, procurement, industrial investment, subsidiary creation, recruitment,  and sales representation.

Having common values and methodologies regarding international business development, GoExport and Valians-International firmly believe in the important role that “operational” support plays in increasing sales on the international scale. This is why we base our services offer on quantifiable and measurable actions, on the short, average and long term.

In addition to GoExport’s support in all the phases of its internationalization projects on the northern and southern American, African and European markets, this strategic alliance with Valians-International will allow GoExport’s clients to have access to all markets of Eastern Europe.


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