“An outsourced & international commercial service”

Historically, GoExport is a service company that offers its expertise in international trade to enable its customers to develop and increase their sales in the international markets. Established since 2007 in the Montreal area, GoExport also has offices in Mexica, Brazil, Canada, France and soon in the United States and Africa.

Since 2016, GoExport has entered a second phase of growth with the opening of GoExport America, GoExport Europe and GoExport Africa. These three entities were created in order to meet the growing demand of customers.

Effective and adaptable expertise

It is over the years of experience and following the creation of the new entities that GoExport has developed an efficient working method which can be adapted to the different specificities of each of the markets concerned, thus allowing its customers to generate significant revenues thanks to a successful export.

With you every step of the way

The entire team is called upon to ensure that our customers benefit from an optimized market penetration by taking control of their commercial actions in the target markets. This ensures a rapid return on investment from their exportation strategies.

Key Success Factors

Adaptability and flexibility

Aiming to be within the reach of any company, our offers are flexible according to the expectations and objectives of the customers, thanks to the Go-No Go concept.


The GoExport team is involved in the projects, as well as its entire network in the markets that we serve.


GoExport has more than 10 years of experience in the field of international development.


Based on the idea of ​​«win-win» situations, the price policy put in place by the GoExport team is individually adjusted, according to each project.


Our teams are specialized in sales development, and have an increased knowledge of the international markets as well as the different geographical areas.

Service offer

GoExport’s offer is designed with as a primary objective to develop sales for our customers in the target markets. GoExport suggests to proceed by phase with a common principle of Go-No Go for each one. It is up to the client to determine whether the conclusions of each phase was entirely satisfactory and whether the subsequent phase is to be carried out.

1st step

Market definition & full market validation

2nd step

Business strategy development

3rd step

Sales development

The research provides key information about the industry, the positioning of the products in regard to the competition, the definition of selling prices and distribution networks. GoExport offers recommendations for action in line with the results of this research.


Proposal 1 – Market definition
  • Industry analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Price analysis
  • Sales network analysis
  • Adaptation of the product / service to the market
Proposal 2 – Market validation
  • Complete market research if needed

The definition and validation of the commercialization strategy make it possible to validate the conclusions of the market study in the field. In addition to organizing a trade mission, GoExport accompanies client to meet customers and distributors with the best development potential and confirms that this interest can turn into sales.

  • Search for potential distributors
  • Definition of your business strategy
  • Organization of trade missions
  • Business support
  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Post-meeting follow-up

The sales development offers full support of the sales cycle in the selected markets. GoExport offers a sales development plan that always includes short and longer term goals. This longer-term agreement focuses on:

  • Preparation and validation of a detailed action plan
  • Sales development planning
  • Implementation of the detailed action plan
  • Organization of trade missions
  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Organization of sales development
  • Follow-up of sales and after-sales service.

If the customer is satisfied with the first two phases, GoExport could propose a longer term agreement to develop sales in international markets.

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