GoExport and Institutions & Stratégies : A strategic alliance

GoExport and Institutions & Stratégies : A strategic alliance

GoExport and Institutions and strategies offer their expertise in international development and project management. This new outsourced strategic sales force may be the answer to key problems companies nowadays are facing, particularly SMEs wishing to develop beyond the borders they are confined to: the uncertainty of markets and financial processes.

Regardless of financial problems, there is a lack of active participation and support from private as well as public organization during SMEs’ growth phase.

This is why Institutions and Strategies, a consulting firm specialized in European and/or International financial engineering has decided to base its activities on supporting entrepreneurs and providing them with consulting services in order to help them find the right structure during their project’s development and maturing phase. In addition, Institutions and strategies excels in managing international and European folders that may help SMEs reach funds granted by financial institutions in the context of call for proposals.

GoExport gives I&S’s clients the opportunity to develop themselves in foreign markets, particularly in America, optimizing their return on investment and thereby increasing their market share.

This is why we have decided to partner up with Institutions and Strategies. The 2 entities are engaged to provide their clients with the necessary tools to succeed in their internationalization journey.

This partnership agreement is effective as of June 2017.

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