GoExport and Agnès Elisabelar join forces

GoExport and Agnès Elisabelar join forces

Today, the textile and apparel industry’s total exports amount to 797 billion dollars worldwide, almost a 4% increase since 2013. This dynamic sector has witnessed a rapid evolution during the past 5 years. The French government has mobilized over 20 million Euros destined to promote innovation in the textile industry.

Intrigued by the dynamics of this industry and the rate at which it’s growing, GoExport has decided to sign a partnership agreement with Agnès Elisabelar, an expert in textile, clothing, lifestyle and fashion.

With more than 30 years of professional experience in marketing consultancy Agnès Elisabelar has become a beacon to SMEs, designers and popular ready-to-wear brands worldwide in need of coaching and advice.

Many companies come seeking her help. Her expertise, widely renowned in the world of fashion, luxury, lifestyle (decoration, fragrance, wine…) as well as in innovative technical textile, has pushed GoExport to work closely with Agnès.

GoExport and Agnès Elisabelar share common values and methods that play a catalyst role in the development of companies offshore.  Our strategic visions, operational sense, and pragmatic methods based on active and attentive listening all make this a promising alliance. Our clients will be able to benefit from Agnès’ and GoExport’s combined expertise and boost their sales internationally.

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