Date set for the provisional application of the CETA

Date set for the provisional application of the CETA

On Saturday the 8th of July, and during the G20 summit in Hambourg (Germany) Both Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European commission and Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime minister, have announced that the provisional application of the agreement will come into effect on the 21st of September 2017.

Therefore, the CETA will come into force before even being ratified by all 38 parliaments seeing as the ratification may take several years.

Trudeau, had personally encouraged M.Juncker to expedite the process of the provisional application of the treaty.

Saturday, he confirmed via Twitter that 98% of the CETA will take effect as of the 21st of September, “which will create jobs on one hand and opportunities for companies on the other”.

On the 21st of September, European and Canadian customs will disappear. However, the disputed system of arbitration courts whose aim is to resolve disputes between states and multinational corporations may not be applied immediately.

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